Stranger Things promo talks about how strange 1984 was

Well, here's a fun little promo for the second season of Netflix's hit series STRANGER THINGS. It weaves a conspiracy theory about how the disappearance of Will and his brush with the Upside Down led to things like the 1984 Olympics boycott, New Coke, the Star Wars satellite, and the making of the films GREMLINS, SPLASH, and TERMINATOR. It's unclear if these are the ramblings of a madman, or might have some actual merit in the show itself.

Honestly, though, I hope this is just a fun joke poking a little fun at pop culture in the '80s. I think it makes sense that contact with the Upside Down would lead to effects in our world...but I hope that's not the reason Dan Aykroyd got the idea to make fucking Ghostbusters.

Anyway, STRANGER THINGS season 2 is set to enter Netflix October 27th. I'll make sure to get my Eggos ready!

Extra Tidbit: The kiss between Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown in the first season was Brown's actual first kiss.
Source: YouTube



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