The JoBlo.com team will cover Comic Con for its 15th year in a row!

The epic nerdgasm that is the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON is just over a month away and for the 15th year in a row, JoBlo.com will be there to cover it all once again. We've assembled a team of six to get in the trenches and do battle with the masses to bring you all the latest and greatest from the Con, just as we've done long before it became the gargantuan monster that it is now (in fact, feel free to browse through our previous years' coverage from 2000-2013 right here). We are pleased as punch to take the trip again and share with you, our dear readers, all the good, bad, and ugly that will spill out from within the halls this year. The festivities run from July 24 - 27 (and beyond...with so much stuff happening, we'll likely continue posting stuff up to the end of the month) and will no doubt be full of shocks, surprises, breaking news, epic costumes, exclusive goodies, crazy parties, and an onslaught of cool products from toys to art to comics and much, much, more!

As the venue continues to grow and space remains the same it can be a lot like being squeezed into a giant sardine can full of nerds (ourselves included), but we will brave the geek storm to get you all the cool stuff we possibly can. In past years we've covered everything from exclusive premieres, red-carpet events, interviews, art, toys, posters, booths, and of course, extensive coverage of all the movie studio panels, where much of the epic reveals of first-look footage, announcements, trailers, and more come into play. Let's face it, that's the bread and butter of this event for movie fans and Hall H is where it's at...see why below:

While announcements have just started rolling in for what we'll be seeing this year, there's still plenty to speculate on and we anticipate some really kick ass stuff making its debut there this year. 2015 is primed to be an epic year at the movies and we anticipate stuff from AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, JURASSIC WORLD, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES, TERMINATOR: GENESIS, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, and many, many more. In addition, there's a heap of new comic-themed TV shows on the horizon, including The Flash, Gotham, Agent Carter, and Daredevil, amongst others. No doubt we will bare witness to some epic shit and we will be sharing it all with you right here on JoBlo.com as well as on our JoBlo YouTube channel! (we'll be running a lot more video content this year)

We'll update you on news of what panels and events will take place this year as we find out and rest assured we'll be working hard to hit all the best ones that we can. In the end, our goal is to take you guys to the con without having to leave your computer. It may not be the same thing, but we hope to supply you with enough of the goodness to satiate your inner geek.

Check out some of our coverage from last year by clicking below and be sure to let us know what YOU would like to see more/less of in this year's coverage!

Source: JoBlo.com



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