The second character poster for The Great Gatsby shows off a dapper Joel Edgerton

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Yesterday we saw Isla Fisher smolder in that beautiful way only she can in the first character poster for THE GREAT GATSBY, and today it's Joel Edgerton's turn. To have a character poster, not to smolder.

Edgerton plays Tom Buchanan, lover to Fisher's Myrtle Wilson and husband of Carey Mulligan's Daisy Buchanan, and looks damn dapper in his sunglasses, mustache, and suit.  While I'm a fan of Baz Luhrmann, I've never once held much any interest in THE GREAT GATSBY and I've seen nothing in any trailer or advertising material for his opulent 3D adaptation that has been able to convince me that I should spend my time or money on this film.  But just because I'm not at all a fan doesn't dictate what you do with yourself, and I know more than a few fans of the Fitzergald's novel who are chomping at the bit to get another glimpse at what Luhrmann has done with the material.

May 10th is the day this sucker arrives in cinemas - I would imagine we'll be seeing another trailer soon to better announce that fact (LES MISERABLES seems like a good candidate to me).

In the meantime, any fans of the novel out there want to chime in with their thoughts about Luhrmann's efforts and your feelings on the novel as a whole?

The Great Gatsby Tom Buchanan poster

Extra Tidbit: When I say that I'm a Baz Luhrmann fan, it's more just that MOULIN ROUGE! is one of my favorite films.
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