The teaser poster for the Evil Dead remake writes one hell of a check to audiences

Man, this is one hell of a promise to make on an already controversial adaptation.  It's not the first time a movie has made such boasts about its potential impact, so it's not a big shock.  However, from a marketing side, it could work on the studio's favor.  It's not so much that the film delivers on the promise, but that it draws people in to find out if it actually does.  The end result is irrelevant as long as the numbers work in their favor.

Do you think it will?:

Personally, I love Sam Raimi's original THE EVIL DEAD flicks.  They're classics, they're awesome, and I'll always regard them as such.  However, I'm willing to give this remake a go, because it seems like they're going to great lengths to deliver something cool and are cautious with fan expectation and very aware of the backlash.  I'll give 'em a day in court with that level of cognizance.

EVIL DEAD is slated to ruin every camping trip in your future on April 12, 2013.

Let's watch that trailer again, shall we?

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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