The Weinstein Company sues Relativity Media over The Crow reboot

For those of you opposed to a reboot of THE CROW, Harvey Weinstein might act as a saving grace.

Deadline reports that The Weinstein Company is suing Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media over the distribution rights to THE CROW. TWC says that they have "a written contract signed by everybody" which gives the Weinsteins exclusive worldwide distribution rights on The Crow reboot. This trailing back from when the original was distributed by the Weinstein's under the Miramax umbrella.

Bert Fields, who is repping The Weinstein Company says that there was a lot of back and forth between the two parties before the lawsuit was filed this afternoon. Fields then stated this, “Mr. Kavanaugh was not going to honor that contract. Apparently, he’s going to sell these rights to others. He made a bunch of threats. Some people may submit to that kind of arrogant conduct, but we’re not going to do it. If anybody tries to buy these distribution rights in The Crow, they are buying nothing but a lawsuit and they will get sued.” When Deadline asked Fields why Kavanaugh thinks he has the distribution right, he replied, "Beats me. Apparently he thinks its just going to go away just because he wants it to."

While writing this, Deadline updated their article with a comment on the situation from Relativity's rep Adam Keen who responded in a not-so-nice way, "This is yet another typical litigation stunt from the Weinsteins who have a long history of threatening law suits with the sole purpose of intimidation. If served, Relativity will seek immediate dismissal. While we expect these types of antics from the Weinsteins, we are shocked that a lawyer of Mr. Fields' caliber would make such false, reckless and intentionally harmful statements to the press about Relativity and Mr. Kavanaugh. We intend to seek appropriate remedies for this misconduct. Clearly this is a feeble attempt to create a press stir and a malicious effort to interfere with Relativity's development of the project."

According to Geeks of Doom, the lawsuit is not over an financial compensation. The suit filed is seeking “injunctive relief,” which is a court ordered prohibition that would put a stop to the production.

Extra Tidbit: Did you really want to see a remake/reboot/whatever the fuck of THE CROW anyway?



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