The Wolverine's claws could be sheathed, at least until next year

For a hunky, lethal and essentially unkillable guy, Wolverine sure has some lousy luck. His lady friends tend to die, his memory is for shit, his origin movie was rubbish, and he can't seem to get a second solo film going.

While promoting the upcoming REAL STEEL recently, Hugh Jackman has been reiterating that James Mangold (3:10 TO YUMA) would be directing THE WOLVERINE, and that the movie would likely begin filming in October.

Now Deadline hears conflicting reports that the Japan adventure of the irascible mutant might not go before cameras until early 2012 -- which basically slays any chance of Fox getting the movie (or any mutant presence) in theaters next year.

They claim that finding necessary shooting locations in Japan could prove tricky and that the production will (at least partially) end up in Vancouver, and that Jackman will first work his pipes in the musical LES MISERABLES before slicing his way through the Asian archipelago.

The story is set almost entirely in Japan, and reportedly follows the popular 80s comic story pitting Logan against a ninja clan. Our hero will also face the Silver Samurai and find his true love, who almost assuredly will meet a tragic fate. Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) penned the script.

Extra Tidbit: The X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE videogame, which is exponentially more entertaining than the movie, implied that Nightcrawler was the offspring of Mystique and teleporter John Wraith.
Source: Deadline



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