These cars take a dive in this awesome video of Fast 8's practical effects

FAST 8 is now in production under the guiding hand of F. Gary Gray (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN) and while we have seen a few pictures of our lovable cast, today we have something a little more furious. YouTube user Kasey Crabtree was on location in Cleveland, OH (which appears to be doubling for New York), and was witness to some serious practical effects involving everything you'd ever want in an on-set video; cars, explosions, and the excitement of the people who witnessed it! Take a look!

I can't imagine what the scenario would be where several cars are launched from a parking garage (a Vin Diesel fart, maybe), but it all looks awesome! Given the nature of these films, CGI use is more than tolerated, but it's always great to see them go practical when humanly possible. Now if we could get some footage of The Rock punching someone in the face with explosions going off simultaneously, we know we gotta movie on our hands!

FAST 8 is scheduled to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.

Source: YouTube



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