Tom Holland reveals new Spidey movie is called Spider-Man: Far From Home

We've all seen AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and shed a tear, but let's get real, we all know what's gonna happen with Spider-Man. Let's not pretend he's not coming back for a new movie, and already Tom Holland is taking to the internet and having fun revealing some Marvel secrets. The most recent unveiling by Holland is a big one, as he took to Instagram and revealed that the title of the new Spidey movie is called SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME.

Holland is at ACE Seattle Comic-Con this weekend and took a video of himself for the fans. He sent his well-wishes and said there’s not a ton to reveal about new projects, but said he was about to start reading the script for the new flick. He didn't say the title directly, but the iPad's got his back.

Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️

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The title falls in line with the descriptions we’ve heard about the movie which will involve Peter Parker/Spider-Man traveling abroad and getting into some sort of adventure overseas. We know the new movie will take Spidey to London, and it is perhaps there he will square off with Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. I assume they become enemies after Parker kept kicking the back of his seat on the plane ride over, but that’s just my guess.

So what do you all think? The title hints they’ll really play into the “taking Spidey abroad” angle and play around with it a lot. Why do you think he’s over there? A special program? International science fair? Vacation after being, you know, evaporated? The first movie was amazing because it remembered that Spider-Man is a teenager becoming a superhero, and hopefully, the sequel continues that exploration. Who knows, maybe the plot is Spider-Man is a teen ghost wandering around foggy London town.

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME is due July 5, 2019.

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