Top 5 Movie Mistakes - The Fast and The Furious Series (video)

I don't think anyone could've predicted that THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS would grow into something as massive as it has become, when that original film first hit theaters in 2001. It was high octane, fun, likeable, but it hardly screamed big money franchise, especially not to the extent that the series has now reached. Typically movie franchises that run for as long as eight installments are at the tail end of some seriously diminishing returns, but the power of the Vin Diesel led series continues to grow. As we reflect on the record breaking eigth installment THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS dropping this month, we figured we'd dive back into the back catalogue of the previous seven movies, and see what movie mistakes could be found. Now obviously if you want to count defying the laws of physics as a movie mistake, we'd be here all day, so what we're going to be showing you this time are the most glaring errors in the series, from clearly visible safety wires to camera crews casually caught on screen!

Source: JoBlo.com



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