Toy Fair UK reveals new The Dark Knight Rises figures

Ah, yes, the product onslaught. Personally, I love it. Some peeps get all up in a tizzy over marketing, but I dig seeing all the stuff that comes with a new movie being released. Yeah, sometimes there's some cheap, crappy stuff, but there's also a healthy dose of really cool shit.

I'm gonna go ahead and chalk these THE DARK KNIGHT RISES figures up to the latter. DC Direct showcased these figures at Toy Fair UK 2012, which are made up of 6 inch figures, 12 inch statues, and busts.

Get ready, because the annual Toy Fair takes place on February 12-15 in New York and you can expect a cavalcade of new products to come flooding in, especially for the big movie projects this summer. No worries. We got your back.

Take a peek at some highlights below and click here for a full gallery.

Oh, and here's a picture of Anne Hathaway, which is completely relevant to this story.  You're welcome.

Extra Tidbit: Anne Hathaway is very...uh...revealing, in Love and Other Drugs and Havoc. Start Googling.
Source: Idle Hands



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