It's Cage vs. Shark in new trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

You know, of all the Nicolas Cage disasters that have been coming out the last few years (looking at you STOLEN and PAY THE GHOST), this seems like it would be one of his least disastrous.

The plot of his new movie USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE is actually a good one. It tells the story of the USS Indianapolis that was shot down in open waters by the Japanese in WWII, where the surviving men had to fend off hunger, exposure, and motherf*cking sharks. Now, if that story sounds familiar, that is the exact story Quint tells Brody and Hooper in his famous monologue in JAWS. In fact if you want to think of this as a JAWS-prequel you can go right ahead.

Here's the trailer:

Now that wasn't too bad. The effects aren't up to par with most big-budget war movies, but it also doesn't look like an Asylum rip-off either. Although the music sounded like a CASIO remake of a lesser Hans Zimmer score. But that doesn't matter when Nicholas Cage is battling sharks. (My favorite part of the trailer, though, has to be the parts where it would quote "Gripping", "Powerful", "Emotional"...attributed to no one).

We actually posted this trailer a few months ago, but it basically went unnoticed and now it's making the rounds again. So, we felt the fact that a movie where - we repeat - Nicholas Cage fights f*cking sharks warranted another mention. We hope you agree!

The film also stars Tom Sizemore and Thomas Jane (who knows a thing or two about sharks).

No release date (yet). But hopefully soon!

So what's everyone's favorite Cage performance? Or second, after VAMPIRE'S KISS, of course. 

Extra Tidbit: Robert Shaw was so drunk when he was filming his monologue in JAWS that he passed out in one take. In fact, a part of that take is used in the final film.
Source: YouTube



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