Universal moving forward with Pitch Perfect 3

Fans of PITCH PERFECT 2 can rest easy that the adventures of the Barden Bellas will continue. Thanks to the $160 million gross so far for the sequel, Universal is moving forward with a third film in the series. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that PITCH PERFECT 2 screenwriter Kay Cannon is being sought to draft the third movie. There is no word on whether producer Elizabeth Banks will return to direct the third film.

PITCH PERFECT 2 wraps up the storylines for certain characters which may make plotting the third film difficult. Much like FOX's musical series Glee, when characters organically left the plot and were shoe-horned in, it felt forced and led to the downfall for the series. Stars Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick would command much larger paydays for a third movie but I doubt they could make it work without them.

The development of PITCH PERFECT 2 followed a word of mouth buzz for the first movie once it reached home video. PITCH PERFECT 3 seems like a sure thing, so I would anticipate it being fast-tracked. PITCH PERFECT 2 is now playing.



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