War surrounds us all in new Dunkirk trailer

With DUNKIRK Christopher Nolan is diverting from his big-budget, special effect-heavy films of recent years and going for something more grounded in reality...much more. The movie promises to tell the story of how British, French, Canadian and Belgian soldiers were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk while surrounded by German forces during WWII (known as Operation Dynamo) with gripping realism and honesty. The new trailer for the movie really drives that point home, and may or may not ruin beaches for you this summer.

Anyone who saw ROGUE ONE (and maybe some other films since then) in IMAX theaters saw an extended preview for the film, which showcased the tense tone and ever-changing dynamics of the film. At one moment they think they’re gonna make, only to hear the arrival of the German aerial cavalry. This new trailer is just as nail-biting as the extended one, and this could be another hit for Nolan. However, it being a summer release DUNKIRK has a good amount of competition going in, and the fact it’s rated PG-13 has rubbed some people in an odd way. Will it be the kind of exciting war film that can drag in the audiences? Nolan’s name is giving it a lot of cred, but only time will tell if this is his SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.  

DUNKIRK arrives July 21 with Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Harry Styles and more.

Source: Warner Bros.



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