WB issues new sound mix for Dark Knight Rises prologue, Bane easier to understand?

UPDATE - New York Times entertainment writer Dave Itzkoff just tweeted that WB says there is "no truth" to the word below that the TDKR prologue audio has been tweaked. Chris Nolan defies your silly lack of hearing!

So I think we can all agree that Bane was unintelligible in the DARK KNIGHT RISES prologue. Chris Nolan remained steadfast that he wouldn't change Bane's voice, Warner Bros. has addressed the issue and that may mean changes for the final film.

Warner Bros. and IMAX sent a new audio mix to theater owners over the past weekend that reportedly reduces the ambient noise during Bane's scenes making his dialogue more easily understood.

Collider got a copy of the IMAX letter, which reads as follows: Dear IMAX Projectionist, Please see enclosed a new DTAC soundtrack for your Dark Knight Prologue married to Mission Impossible 4 presentation.

I haven't spoken to anyone who has heard the new mix but Collider's source says that the audio is at least 50% more clear. I guess that's good? I mean now I can understand at least 50% of his words, which is a step up from nothing. It also allows Nolan to maintain some kind of creative integrity after his early claims that it's not absolutely necessary to understand everything Bane is saying.

Did anyone see MI4 this weekend and catch the new prologue? How did it sound to you?

Source: Collider



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