We interview Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, James Mangold & more for Logan!

The time has come. Hugh Jackman is hanging up the claws for good, but he's not going out without one hell of a bang in LOGAN, the third solo outing for the actor as the famed Marvel mutant Wolverine. With nine total appearances as the character across all X-MEN films, Jackman has certainly left his legacy in the role. For the NYC junket of LOGAN we had a unique opportunity for one lucky reader, which was to join in the interview festivities and have the chance to meet and interview the man himself. We selected San Diego's Mike Mendoza, who has been a lifelong fan of Jackman and the character to do the honors and he couldn't have been cooler. A great opportunity for a great fan. While Mike got to interview Jackman, I sat down with co-stars Patrick Stewart and Boyd Holbrook, as well as director James Mangold, who has truly crafted the best of the Wolverine (if not all of the X-Men) films to date. You can read Chris Bumbray's review for the film here and I'd concur on just about all of his points. It's unlike any other comic book film made to date and I look forward to hearing everyone's reaction to it once it hits this Friday.

To kick things off, Mike sat down with Hugh Jackman to pick his brain and try his hand at doing the journalist thing. He did an outstanding job and came prepared with good questions. Jackman was his usual awesome self and proved yet again that he is the nicest guy in Hollywood. Check out what he and Mike chatted about below.

I then sat down with the legendary Patrick Stewart, who, amongst being a genuinely charming and forthright gentleman, also commented on my Wolverine shirt, which made me a happy nerd. It was an honor to chat with him and even though he says that this may not be the end of his Professor X on the big screen here, he's recently had a change of heart, which came just a about a week and a half after this. I guess time and distance from the part can change, though.

Boyd Holbrook takes on the role of Donald Pierce of the infamous Reavers in LOGAN and I asked him about being an X-Men villain, working with Hugh Jackman, and what it's like transitioning into high-profile roles like this and the upcoming THE PREDATOR with Shane Black.

Finally, I spoke to director James Mangold about how he approached this story, making it a more deep and resonant tale. He also goes into depth on how they took less money and decided to focus in on the project as a single film, rather than just another spectacle film, as well as their general approch in making a film that will stand the test of time. A great guy to chat with who is never short on insightful answers.

We'll also have interviews with Producers Simon Kinberg/Hutch Parker and a longer sit down with James Mangold and Dafne Keen later this week, so keep an eye out for that.

LOGAN slices into theaters this Friday.

Our "interview Wolverine" winner, Mike Mendoza just before going in to interview Hugh Jackman

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