Weekend Box-Office: January 21-23, 2011


Natalie Portman strikes again!

The lame month of January continues this weekend with the "so-so" reviewed NO STRINGS ATTACHED starring Natalie Portman and Demi Moore's husband cracking the #1 spot with close to $20M in grosses. The film apparently only cost about $25M and could not have been released at a better time, as Portman's stock is about as high as it can get (and speaking of "high", check this shit out, yo!).

I still can't believe that NO STRINGS ATTACHED was directed by Ivan Reitman, director of GHOSTBUSTERS! (some of you younger kids may also know him as director "Jason Reitman's dad") The last time a Kutcher film was #1 was in 2008, with a little something called WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS (we all remember that classic, right?) The last time a Portman film was #1 was in 2006, with a great little something called V FOR VENDETTA. Love that flick!

Last week's #1 movie, THE GREEN HORNET, managed the biggest drop in the top 10 (along with THE DILEMMA), losing 46% of its audience from last weekend, but sticking around in 2nd place in the meantime (the film has grossed $64M in the first 10 days of its release). We can't say the same for Ron Howard's THE DILEMMA, which has only scored $33M after 10 days of release despite an impressive-sounding cast.

The movie that surprised me the most in this week's top 10 was THE KING'S SPEECH though, which managed to make the exact same amount as last weekend (that means a 0% change), while maintaining the 4th spot just like last week as well. This comes right on the heels of the film finally beating out THE SOCIAL NETWORK in these year-end awards, as it surprised many to win "Best Picture" at last night's Producer Guild of America awards (so many awards, so little...meaning).

For those scoring at home, despite LITTLE FOCKERS generating $141M since its release a few weeks ago, it's to note that both MEET THE PARENTS ($166M) and its sequel MEET THE FOCKERS ($279M) made more cash than the latest incarnation, so hopefully we won't be seeing MOTHER FOCKERS anytime soon. Wow...I still can't believe MEET THE FOCKERS made so much scratch! That movie sucked, man!

Next week sees the release of the latest (hopefully) crop of dump flicks including Anthony Hopkins' "mortgage payment movie" entitled THE RITE and the one cool looking January flick (in my humble opinion) starring the always fun Jason Statham and the rock-solid Ben Foster in the remake of THE MECHANIC. There's also the limited release of FROM PRADA TO NADA, but you don't really give a shit about that one, do you? That's what I thought. Pssst, check out the Camilla Belle photo gallery instead...probably a lot more entertaining. So which movie do you think will be #1 next weekend? VOTE NOW!!! PS: CLICK HERE to check out what our revamped Box-Office section will look like.

1. No Strings Attached $ 20.3 Million
2. The Green Hornet $ 18.1 Million $ 64.3 Million
3. The Dilemma $ 9.7 Million $ 33.4 Million
4. The King's Speech $ 9.2 Million $ 58.6 Million
5. True Grit $ 8 Million $ 138.6 Million
6. Black Swan $ 6.2 Million $ 83.6 Million
7. The Fighter $ 4.5 Million $ 73 Million
8. Little Fockers $ 4.4 Million $ 141.2 Million
9. Yogi Bear $ 4.1 Million $ 88.9 Million
10. Tron: Legacy $ 3.7 Million $ 163.3 Million


1. No Strings Attached $20.3 M
2. The Green Hornet $18.1 M $64.3 M
3. The Dilemma $9.7 M $33.4 M
4. The King's Speech $9.2 M $58.6 M
5. True Grit $8 M $138.6 M
6. Black Swan $6.2 M $83.6 M
7. The Fighter $4.5 M $73 M
8. Little Fockers $4.4 M $141.2 M
9. Yogi Bear $4.1 M $88.9 M
10. Tron: Legacy $3.7 M $163.3 M




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