Winner announced! Wolverine fan to interview Hugh Jackman in NYC for Logan

Winner announced! Michael Mendoza has been selected as the one to interview Hugh Jackman for the LOGAN junket. Congrats, Michael! Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough selection process and we genuinely appreciate everyone sharing their stories and passion for Wolverine and Hugh Jackman. Cheers!

Are you the biggest fan of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine? Well, it's time to pop your claws and tell us why, as it could mean getting the chance to sit down and interview the star for his final performance as the character. That's right, Wolvie fans, we're offering the opportunity to fly to New York City and take part in the junket for LOGAN on February 12th. There you will sit down with Jackman to conduct an interview (don't worry, we'll be there to provide support) with him, asking as many fan questions as you want in the time allowed. And shake Hugh's hand. I mean, that should be enough right there, am I right? Not to mention, you'll see the movie nearly a month before it hits theaters!

So, how do you get in on this?

First, a few rules (I know, there's always rules). 1) You must live in the United States 2) You must be 18 or older. 3) You must be a Wolverine maga-fan. Obviously. How do you prove it? Simple. Send us a brief reasoning (a few paragraphs is fine) as to why YOU are the biggest Wolverine mega-fan and why you should be the one selected. We'll take a look at all entries and make our decision on the week of January 23rd, so don't hesitate to submit!


That's it! Opportunities like this don't come around often, so make sure to enter to win (and make it count!) if this tickles your fancy. Having seen the first 40 minutes of the film last month, I can say that this is one hell of a way for Jackman to go out, giving us the Wolverine film we've been waiting for with blood and berserker rage everywhere. You can read my preview review and see my interview with director James Mangold coming up very soon, but until then, sharpen your claws and get to submittin', bub.

LOGAN slashes (and I DO mean, slashes) its way into theaters on March 3rd.

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