Who better to direct the MacGyver movie than James Wan, the man who made Insidious and Saw

I always am open for directors to try new genres and new movies, but this is a weird mix. James Wan, who helped create the SAW franchise, INSIDIOUS, and the upcoming THE CONJURING, is in talks to direct the big screen version of MACGYVER, according to Variety.

MACGYVER was the 80s action series starring Richard Dean Anderson about an agent of the fictional government agency The Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver never carried a gun, using his wits and whatever was lying around to fight criminals.

Paperclips, chewing gum, toilet paper rolls, a Bic pen, you name it and Angus MacGyver could diffuse a bomb with it. The series has most recently been spoofed via MACGRUBER, the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE sketch turned big screen abomination.

There is no word on plot, release dates, or anything beyond Wan's possible involvement at this point. I would say skip this idea entirely. MACGRUBER has mocked the original so much that I don't think there would be any way of making it into a serious movie. Maybe I am wrong and there is some way of injecting something unique into the plot. Otherwise, I will stick with reruns on Nick at Nite.

Source: Variety



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