Woody Allen seeks Sally Hawkins for a lead in his next film

Sally Hawkins with a blue background

Sally Hawkins is really a great actress with a wide variety of roles under her belt (LA4ER CAKE, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY, NEVER LET ME GO), and while she has already worked with Woody Allen once before in CASSANDRA'S DREAM there's the good chance she's about to work with him again.  Word is that she is currently in talks to join Allen's next film, one that is untitled but still scheduled to shoot this summer in New York and San Francisco. 

Meanwhile, in semi-confirmation of a rumor which circulated, a month or so ago "Allen is eyeing Cate Blanchett for the other lead, a sophisticated woman who has her life together, as Hawkins will be playing a neurotic who's more fun and rough around the edges. Bradley Cooper is also circling a role in the ensemble."

To go along with the slight story nugget embedded in those character descriptions we also have the detail that the untitled film "is expected to be a dramedy."  Meaning a slight tonal shift there from the charm and humor of MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, which is fine - so long as Allen resists any simliarity to the boring and awfully shot CASSANDRA'S DREAM beyond Hawkins' involvement, I'm most definitely in.

Extra Tidbit: I kind of wish Woody Allen would one day make a movie called ALLEN'S WOOD. Though I suppose it could be argued that, in a curiously Freudian way, most of his movies are actually about that.
Source: Variety



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