Would you like the chance to meet Quentin Tarantino? Then this Django Unchained contest is for you!

When playing the game where you pick the five people, living or dead, that you would like to have dinner with, I always put Quentin Tarantino in the group. Sure, he has not won a Nobel Prize or even an Oscar (UPDATE: I was thinking Best Director Oscar when I wrote this. I am aware he won for Best Original Screenplay), but the man is a movie icon and I would love to talk film with the man.

So, if any of you out there are aspiring filmmakers or even just somewhat creative, Quentin Tarantino, The Weinstein Company and Red Bull have a contest for you. Check out the details below.

Starting June 15th, contestants will have the opportunity to inspire Quentin Tarantino with their own original content. Contestants will have two weeks to create and submit an original multi-media piece that will be viewed and judged by Quentin and his team. The piece must be a maximum of three minutes in length and incorporate footage from either the official DJANGO UNCHAINED Trailer, or from one of three of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite spaghetti westerns that inspired the creation of Django Unchained. Included in these are: (DJANGO, Sergio Corbucci (1966), THE GRAND DUEL, Giancarlo Santi (1972) and DAY OF ANGER, Tonino Valerii (1967). In addition, contestants must include a musical track from one of Red Bull Records featured bands including: platinum recording artist AWOLNATION, the UK’s breakout artist of the year Twin Atlantic and dance chart artists Innerpartysytem as a part of the pieces soundtrack.

The winner will get to meet Quentin Tarantino at the San Diego Comic Con and the runner up will get exclusive DJANGO UNCHAINED keepsakes.

The key item here is that this tells us that the DJANGO UNCHAINED trailer will be revealed on June 15 and you can be sure it will be posted on JoBlo.com as soon as it is.

If any of you Schmoes create an entry for the contest, let us know. Maybe we will feature it as a Cool Video.

DJANGO UNCHAINED opens in theaters Christmas Day.

Here are the three trailers for Tarantino's favorite spaghetti westerns. If you want to enter the contest, make sure you go to the contest page and register.

Source: Red Bull USA



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