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Directed by: Warren Beatty

Cast: Warren Beatty Halle Berry Oliver Platt Don Cheadle Paul Sorvino Jack Warden Christine Baranski

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1998-05-22 (wide)


In the waning days of the California primary election campaign of 1996, President Bill Clinton has run unopposed in the Democratic Party, and Bob Dole has already secured the Republican nomination. Incumbent United States Senator Jay Bulworth is holding off a challenger. He hasn't eaten or slept in several days. In the midst of a nervous breakdown, Bulworth arranges his own suicide by hiring a hit man to assassinate him during the final campaign weekend - after making a deal with a corrupt lobbyist for a lot of life insurance to benefit his daughter. But Bulworth's self-planned assassination yields two unexpected dividends: the freedom to speak honestly and a meeting with Nina, a beautiful, intelligent African American woman who has been raised by 60's activists. With new enthusiasm to live, Bulworth must now somehow stop the "hit" he has put out on himself...A "tragic-farce," BULWORTH takes a comedic look at race and class in the United States, campaign finance, and the power of big money and media in America. It deals with what is labeled obscene as opposed to what is obscene.

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