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Primary Colors
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Directed by: Mike Nichols

Cast: John Travolta Emma Thompson Billy Bob Thornton Adrian Lester Kathy Bates Maura Tierney Paul Guilfoyle Larry Hagman

Studio: Universal Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1998-03-20 (wide)


After three years as a congressional aide on Capitol Hill, Henry Burton (Adrian Lester) is renowned as a brilliant political strategist, but he has grown increasingly disenchanted with politics. Though cynical, he is still looking for someone doing something he can believe in. But Henry is positive that someone is not Governor Jack Stanton (John Travolta), a virtually unknown southern governor who is running for President of the United States. Stanton is crisscrossing primary states but not yet tracking in the polls. A dark horse who could miss the race, the governor desperately wants Henry Burton on his team.

When he meets up with him, Henry watches in astonishment as the politician mesmerizes a tough crowd by touching them all -- body and soul. By the end of the day, Henry has agreed to run Stanton's uphill battle for the presidency -- further convinced by his encounter with Susan Stanton (Emma Thompson). Henry immediately sets up campaign headquarters and meets his new political family: Richard (Billy Bob Thornton) the sly, improbable political strategist who proudly describes himself as a "Redneck," Libby (Kathy Bates) the fanatically loyal, overtly gay, campaign trouble-shooter, and Daisy (Maura Tierney) the campaign media advisor, young and smart and looking for love.

Together, the Stantons and their young advisors begin their long, scandal-riddled roller coaster ride to the presidency -- an adventure for Henry and his new friends that will prove at once hilarious and heartbreaking, and definitely history-making.

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