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Just the Ticket
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Directed by: Richard Wenk

Cast: Andy Garcia Andie MacDowell Richard Bradford Elizabeth Ashley Fred Asparagus Adnre Blake Patrick Breen

Studio: United Artists

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1999-02-26 (wide)


Gary Starke (Andy Garcia) is a ticket scalper extraordinaire who has stayed afloat through a combination of talent, street smarts and an honor-among-thieves philosophy. But after his true love, Linda (Andie MacDowell) dumps him, and a ruthless rival sets his sights on becoming the city's new ticket "master," Gary finds his world falling apart around him.

A surprise announcement conspires to change Gary's life: Pope John Paul II is coming to New York for a one time Easter Mass at Yankee Stadium. It is just what Gary has been praying for - the last big score -- his ticket out of this world and the best chance to deliver all he's ever promised to Linda. If he can only pull it off in time... But he can't get around Casino, his ruthless rival. Desperate to deliver, Gary must decide just how badly he wants this "score."

Barely one step ahead of the law, Gary presses on against the odds in pursuit of his dreams. But will his efforts and intentions be enough to win back the woman he truly loves?

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