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The Cider House Rules
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Homer Wells is an orphan, but he does not lack for a family. Having grown up at St. Cloud's orphanage under the unconventional but loving tutelage of Dr. Wilbur Larch, Homer never wanted for affection. Now, as Homer approaches manhood, he begins to question his future. Homer yearns to explore the world for himself.

When he meets a privileged young couple, Homer hitches a ride with them and liberates himself from St. Cloud's. Suddenly his choices are limitless. He is introduced to a bigger world full of new sights, adventures and friendships, as well as tragedy, betrayal and danger. The rules that governed his former life seem obsolete. And when Homer falls in love for the first time, his upbringing offers no guidance. As affection turns to ardor, he experiences the highs and lows, as well as the complicated rewards and responsibilities that come with these new emotions. Suddenly, the consequences of making choices become more acute.

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