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Iron Monkey
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Directed by: Yuen Woo-ping

Cast: Yu Guang Donnie Yen Yam Sai-kun Tsang Sze-man Jean Wang Yang Yeo-kwan

Studio: Miramax

Genre: Action

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 2001-10-12 (wide)


Loosely based upon the British legend of Robin Hood and set in 19th century China, the story is about a masked bandit named Iron Monkey who robs the corrupted leaders of a small village. But who cares about the story? What we want is butt-kicking action, and believe us, there's plenty in this action-comedy flick. After all, Monkey's director Yuan Woo-ping, directed the action scenes for both The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, and this is a great glimpse at where he developed the techniques used in those films. This film's been available on video since shortly after it's release in the early '90s, but seeing on the big screen will be a welcome treat.

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