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Pokemon 4Ever
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Meet the rare and legendary Celebi, the newest Pokemon on the block. Known as the"Voice of the Forest," it's cute and radically powerful. With the squint of an eye and a flutter of its wings, Celebi can summon its extraordinary powers and leap through time. While on an expedition in the woods, young traveler Sam has a fateful run-in with the ailing Celebi. In order to escape an evil Pokemon hunter, Celebi uses its powers to travel to the future, unintentionally bringing Sam along for the ride. It is there that Sam and Celebi meet Pokemon master-in-training Ash, Pikachu and the mighty and majestic Pokemon Suicune.

Ash, Pikachu and the crew outsmart their innumerable enemies for a while, but soon Celebi is captured and forced to use its enormous powers to destroy the forest. Now, with all of nature under attack, these friends must band together and become heroes in the biggest and most important Pokemon adventure of all time.

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