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Directed by: Bill Condon

Cast: Liam Neeson Laura Linney Chris O'Donnell Peter Sarsgaard Timothy Hutton John Lithgow Oliver Platt Tim Curry

Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Genre: Biography, Drama

Official Site: http://www.foxsearchlight.com/kinsey/

Release Date: 2004-11-12 (limited)


Academy Award-winning Bill Condon (GODS & MONSTERS, CHICAGO) explores the life of the pioneer of human sexuality research, Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson). Spanning six decades from his childhood in the early 1900s to his death in 1956, the film turns the microscope on the man whose landmark studies on the sexual behaviors of the common man rocked a nation. The interviewer of tens of thousands, Kinsey subjected his own life and that of his researchers to the same type of analysis that produced his 1948 best-selling book "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male." But while the Kinsey team's focus was predominantly outward, perhaps what they learned about themselves was as great as that which they taught their country.

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