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Directed by: David Moreau Xavier Palud

Cast: Olivia Bonamy Michael Cohen Adriana Mocca Maria Roman

Studio: Slowhand Cinema Releasing

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Official Site: http://www.them-movie.com

Release Date: 2007-08-24 (wide)
2007-08-24 (limited)


The teacher of the French School in Bucharest Clémentine lives with her husband, the writer Lucas, in a remote real estate in Snagow. Along the night, Clémentine is awakened by weird noises outside the old house and Lucas sees their car being stolen. Then the lights are turned off, phone line is dead and they see that their property gate has been trespassed and they are surrounded by weird persons with lights. They hide in the cellar and try to escape to ask for help in a dreadful night of pure terror. Titled "Ils" in original language.

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