• Theatrical - Wide 1999-05-25

When two forest fires collide, they create a ferocious storm. Howling winds whip the flames into a frenzy, creating massive tornadoes of fire rising up to 600 feet — becoming so massive that they actually become their own weather system. Parachuting into and fighting these firestorms is a regular occurrence for smokejumper Jesse Graves and his close-knit team. But as Graves again prepares to battle a rampaging blaze, he is unaware that convicted murderer Earl Shaye, posing as a firefighter, is using the firestorm to implement a daring escape.

As nature’s ultimate inferno threatens to engulf him, Graves is caught in the middle of a deadly situation. Using few tools and without backup, he must now try to outsmart the cunning killer and save an ornithologist, Jennifer, who has been taken hostage. But the fire is turning and time is running out.

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