Godzilla (1998)

  • Theatrical - Wide 2023-10-24

A devastating, blinding flash of white light fills the Eastern sky. Thousands of miles away, the Pacific Ocean churns, engulfing a freighter with wicked speed. Ships off both U.S. coasts capsize and are dragged into an inexplicably roiling sea. On another part of the globe, giant footprints plow an ominous path through miles of Panamanian forests, Tahitian villages and Jamaican beaches. What is the source of all this mysterious, far-flung mayhem? Godzilla, the undisputed king of movie monsters, comes to the screen once again and is on a terrifying trek to the densely populated island of Manhattan, leaving a trail of ruin and panic in its awful wake and creating a ripple effect of profound and jaw-dropping destruction.

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