Music of the Heart

  • Theatrical - Wide 1999-10-29

Roberta Guaspari’s (Meryl Streep) world crashed down around her when her husband walked out on her and her two young children. Following their separation, she vowed to live by her own set of rules; she would not permit anyone to define who she was or what she was capable of accomplishing.

Roberta left the security of her small hometown and moved to one of America’s toughest neighborhoods, East Harlem. She wanted to finally have the opportunity to teach the violin. At first, the kids, the parents, and the principal (Angela Bassett) were skeptical. But, Roberta taught with such passion that it was infectious and soon her young violinists were manifesting incredible results – they were making beautiful, sophisticated music.

Despite her successes, after 10 years of teaching, the school board decided to cancel her funding. With the support of her friends and the community, she set out to do what no one else dared. Roberta fought back.

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