My Beautiful Laundrette

  • Theatrical - Wide 2015-07-21

An Immigrant from Karachi, Pakistan, Nasser Hussein lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle in London, England, along with his Caucasian wife, Cherry; son – Salim; and three daughters, one of whose name is Tania. He owns and operates two businesses namely a garage, and ‘Churchill’s Laundrette’. When his widower and alcoholic brother asks him to hire his son, Omar, Nasser meets with him, and initially asks him to wash cars. Subsequently he takes him to the laundrette, asks him to mope it’s floors, but decides to let Omar manage it, and hopes to wed him with Tania. Nasser does not realize that soon the laundrette will have a new look and name ‘Powders’, and the lives of the Husseins will also never be the same again.

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