Next Friday

  • Theatrical - Wide 2000-06-06

It’s Next Friday, and Craig (Ice Cube) is still living with his parents in South Central Los Angeles while looking for a job and remembering his moment of glory four years before. That was when he finally bested the local bully, Debo (Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr.), during an eventful Friday depicted in the 1995 hit film known, not surprisingly, as Friday. But now Debo has escaped after several years behind bars, and he’s bent on exacting painful revenge on Craig.

Fearing for his son’s safety, Craig’s father (John Witherspoon) sends him to live with his eccentric Uncle Elroy (Don “DC” Curry) and cousin Day-Day (Mike Epps), who have parlayed their lottery winnings into a home in the suburbs. Craig soon learns, however, that trouble can find you no matter where you live. Once again, forces beyond his control will test his survival skills and his commitment to family and Craig, with comic relief from Day-Day, will rise to the challenge.

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