Night Falls on Manhattan

  • Theatrical - Wide 2024-05-07

Andy Garcia stars as Sean Casey, an idealistic street cop turned Manhattan District Attorney who is thrust into the limelight after prosecuting a high profile, headline making case. As he moves deeper into the criminal justice system Casey’s world is torn apart, as he experiences personal and professional betrayal after discovering a crime and cover-up among those closest to him. Through the political deals and compromises that come with his new job, Casey learns that his ideals are unrealistic in a political system that forces him to decide between loyalty and morality.

Richard Dreyfuss is Sam Vigoda, a liberal defense attorney who opposes Casey in the courtroom. Lena Olin plays Peggy Lindstrom, a colleague of Vigoda’s drawn into a romance with Casey despite conflicting professional agendas. Ron Leibman is District Attorney Morgenstern, who supports Casey and grooms him to be his successor Ian Holm rounds out the principal cast as Sean’s father, Liam Casey, a veteran cop whose involvement in the case launches his son’s career and triggers its downfall.

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