• Theatrical - Wide 2000-01-18

On a top secret mission against rebel forces in Latin America, Solo (Mario Van Peebles), a human-like mechanical soldier, refuses to obey an order that would result in the deaths of innocent villagers. His military superiors, who see his refusal as a clear defect in his software, order his creator to reprogram him. Realizing that reprogramming would wipe out his memory and thus his sense of self, Solo escapes to the jungles of Latin America, where he is discovered by a young boy, who takes him to his village.

Determined not to lose his $2 billion android, Gen. Haynes (Barry Corbin), head of Project Solo, sends a highly trained team of killers to retrieve the android. In so doing, Haynes unwittingly sets the stage for an explosive three-way showdown among Solo and his new friends.

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