• Theatrical - Wide 1999-04-13

Isabel (Julia Roberts) is a career-minded fashion photographer forced into a role as unwelcome stepmother to her boyfriend Luke’s (Ed Harris) two children-12-year-old Anna (Jena Malone) and seven-year-old Ben (Liam Aiken). When Jackie (Susan Sarandon)-the ‘natural’ mother and peerless supermom who not only resents Isabel’s intrusion on a number of levels but is fiercely devoted to her kids-enters the mix, the often comical, always complex interplay between parents, stepparents, stepchildren, spouses-to-be, ex-spouses and significant others gets even trickier.

When Jackie discovers she is terminally ill and Isabel’s relationship with Luke becomes serious, both women realize they must put aside their differences to save a family. Eventually the two women find more than common ground, they discover how to celebrate life to the fullest … while they have the chance.

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