• Theatrical - Wide 1999-03-23

15 year-old Genevieve (Linda Cardellini) and her friend Tiana (Amal Rhoe) disappear after going to a party to meet up with Captain Howdy (Dee Snider), an electronic “pen-pal” that she met in a chat-room. Genevieve’s father, Detective Mike Gage (Kevin Gage) and a maverick young juvenile patrol cop, Steve Christianson (Brett Harrellson), form an unlikely alliance as they launch an investigation.

When Tiana turns up dead in the trunk of her car, brutally tortured, Gage and Christian delve into a strange world of the “modern primitives”. Searching for his daughter, whom he knows has been tortured in obscene ways, Detective Mike Gage finds himself on the event horizon of horror, at the nexus of technology and tribal ritual. To save his daughter and stop a madman he must walk the razor’s edge of his own guiding principles.

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