The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

  • Theatrical - Wide 2001-02-13

The Notorious no-goodniks from Pottsylvania, Boris Badenov (Jason Alexander) and Natasha Fatale (Rene Russo) are back, and as usual are up to no good. This time they have managed to break the secret code and make the leap from their cartoon existence into the real world. Led by the criminal mastermind Fearless Leader (Robert De Niro), Boris and Natasha have devised a plot to take over the world – and while they’re at it, get rid of moose and squirrel.

Teaming up with a rookie F.B.I. agent, Karen Sympathy (Piper Perabo), our eponymous heroes, Rocky and Bullwinkle, will once again come face to face – or face to snout with their dreaded nemeses. But first Rocky and Bullwinkle must blend into the real world – hardly an easy task for a 400-pound talking moose and a squirrel who thinks he can fly. Now it is up to them to foil Fearless Leader’s evil plot to unseat the President of the United States by hypnotizing the entire population using a new television network, RBTV (Really Bad Television).

The stakes are much higher… Has evil finally met its match? Well, at least it has met its moose.

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