The Faculty

  • Theatrical - Wide 1999-06-22

Like so many schools today, Herrington High has passed its prime. Its walls are grimy, its textbooks out-dated, its teachers burned out. There’s no money for field trips, new computers or the drama department’s musical. Yet its crumbling corridors vibrate with the future of America – loners, leaders, hipsters, nerds, brains and jocks. Like teenagers everywhere, they struggle with parents who don’t get it, teachers who never had it and hormones that won’t quit.

But the students of Herrington High are about to comeface-to-face with a challenge greater than anything they could ever imagine…

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The Faculty

Review Date: Director: Robert Rodriguez Writer: Kevin Williamson Producers: Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth Avellan, Bill Scott Actors: Elijah Wood Josh Hartnett…

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