The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Theatrical - Wide 1998-01-06

The bell-ringer of Notre Dame is a mysterious and misshapen outcast named Quasimodo, who has been secluded there since infancy by his repressive guardian, Judge Claude Frollo. Yearning to be out among the people in the square below but forbidden by Frollo from ever leaving his tower, Quasi finds the courage to join the celebration below and is swept up in the frenetic atmosphere where he meets the beautiful gypsy dancer Esmeralda.

Quasi’s plan to observe the festivities unnoticed unravels and when the crowd realizes that he is not wearing a mask and is, in fact, the bell-ringer of Notre Dame, their delight turns to fear and they begin attacking him. Much to Frollo’s displeasure, Esmeralda comes to Quasi’s rescue and Phoebus is ordered to arrest her.

Quasimodo must find the inner strength he needs to defy the only parent he has ever known in order to break free and save Esmeralda … and himself.

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