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Bradley Cooper & director Joe Carnahan teaming for alien flick Umbra?

08.27.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Way back in October 2010 we told you about a sci-fi thriller called UMBRA. You guys remember that? Probably not. So let me school you all right quick.

Originally set to come our way from Relativity Media with director Roger Donaldson and star Nicolas Cage, the project quickly shifted gears by adding director Joe Carnahan and jumping to Endgame Entertainment last year. At the time there was no tellin if Nic Cage was still interested... And that's the last we heard on UMBRA! Until today that is!

You see Bloody-Disgusting are telling the world that the project is once again in the news with the news that none other than Carnahan's A-TEAM star Bradley Cooper is apparently in talks to join the sci-fi romp. We've even got an update synopsis! Check it:

UMBRA follows an investment banker who finds himself mixed up in a major government conspiracy - one that's life changing. His world unravels when he is accidentally delivered an audio casette which reveals the government's complicity in an alien plot to breed with human chromosomes.

If signed, Cooper (above) would star in the film as 'David Underwood,' said investment banker. Mind you the actor isn't signed just yet, and considering his in-demand status I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to pass on this one. Then again who knows?

Not only will Carnahan direct, but the filmmaker will also tweak the script originally penned by Steven Karczynski. No word on when UMBRA will get underway but as soon as we hear any updates we'll be sure to pass the good word along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope Cooper and Carnahan can convince fellow A-TEAM co-worker Jessica Biel (above) to join them in UMBRA!



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