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Adi Shankar producing an animated Castlevania mini-series

An adaptation of the horror video game series CASTLEVANIA has long been struggling to reach the screen. A feature film was in development for several years under the guidance of MORTAL KOMBAT / RESIDENT EVIL director Paul W.S. Anderson, with Anderson at first wanting to direct the film himself, but over the years handing the helm over to Sylvain White and later James...
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Adi Shankar explains what needs to happen for a Dredd sequel to happen

Fans of 2012's DREDD have been begging for a sequel, even going as far as starting petitions to help make it happen, even though the chances for it happening grow slimmer every day. But we're not alone in wanting DREDD 2 as producer Adi Shankar wants it to  happen just as much as we do. So why isn't it being put on the fast track to production? What needs to happen...
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Watch Adi Shankar's Judge Dredd: Superfiend series online now

And here it is, folks, the Adi Shankar-produced animated JUDGE DREDD series, “Judge Dredd: Superfiend”, is finally online in all of its bloody, animated glory. You can watch every episode right here, right now! Written and directed by The Junquera Brothers, the miniseries was inspired by the Dark Judges story arc. Shankar also produced the Karl Urban-starring DREDD ,...
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Watch the full trailer for Adi Shankar's Judge Dredd: Superfiend series

It’s not the true sequel fans have been begging for but it’ll have to do, I suppose. Earlier this week we landed a handful of images from producer Adi Shankar’s limited edition web series, “Superfiend”, which is said to be inspired by the "Dark Judges" comic arc from Judge Dredd. The animated series was written and directed by The Junquera...
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Dredd gets unofficial sequel in Superfiend web series; new images here!

While we patiently await a true sequel to Pete Travis' DREDD , we'll have to be content with the "bootleg universe" that producer the film's producer Adi Shankar has spun off (like the short film "Dirty Laundry" starring Thomas Jane). The latest treat for fans is a limited edition web series called "Superfiend," which is said to be inspired by the "Dark Judges" comic arc from...
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Dredd returns in a Dark Judges miniseries from Adi Shankar

It may not be the sequel fans have been begging for but it’s better than nothing, I suppose. The Wrap just got the word on a new seven part DREDD miniseries that producer Adi Shankar has been hard at work on for the last two years as it will center on the Dark Judges. You can think of this as a huge “thank you” to the fans who have continued to support the cult film....
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Karl Urban says it's likely we'll see a Dredd 'Origins' storyline

I think it's pretty safe to say that anyone who saw 2012's ultra-badass DREDD wants to see more of the Judge in action. The big question is: will we get it? Karl Urban, the star of DREDD, has been very vocal about wanting to step back into the boots of the character, and even producer Adi Shankar has expressed his desire to bring DREDD back to the screen, sharing back in May...
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Teaser poster for Cloudland, from Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick

It was only yesterday when we shared the news that FINAL DESTINATION creator Jeffrey Reddick (who also wrote the scripts for TAMARA and the 2008 remake of DAY OF THE DEAD) would be overseeing the upcoming supernatural thriller CLOUDLAND, which is set to star THE O.C.'s Mischa Barton, Drew Fuller ("Army Wives"), Katie Parker (ABSENTIA), and DREDD producer Adi Shankar. Now...
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Final Destination creator takes Mischa Barton & Drew Fuller to Cloudland

FINAL DESTINATION creator Jeffrey Reddick is overseeing the upcoming supernatural thriller CLOUDLAND, which is set to star THE O.C.'s Mischa Barton, Drew Fuller ("Army Wives"), Katie Parker (ABSENTIA), and DREDD producer Adi Shankar, according to The Wrap. Reddick created the project and will share story credit with Alex Bram, who will make his feature directorial...
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Producer gives Dredd 2 update: conversations happening, but no script

So, about that proposed sequel to DREDD. Yeah, we all want it to happen. Even star Karl Urban has been extremely vocal about wanting it to go forward. Judgment is coming, just may take a while. We recently heard from Karl Urban that ' conversations are taking place ' on DREDD 2 and while that has been confirmed by DREDD producer Adi Shankar, we may need to...
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Dredd producers to remake I Saw The Devil

In 2010 Kim Jee-Woon delivered horror fans a masterful piece of cinema with his serial killer thriller I SAW THE DEVIL , and now it's headed to the States for a remake. Okay, hold on just a second. Before you go and jump off that cliff with the rest of them, there's actually a silver lining here. Adi Shankar and Spencer Silna—the producers who brought us DREDD and THE...
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Dredd 2 is dead; could live on as a short

The bad news: Dredd 2 is officially dead. In an AMA on Reddit last week, DREDD 3D producer Adi Shankar killed the hopes of seeing a big-screen sequel to the box-office dud but fan-favorite that our own The Arrow described as a "no BS, action driven, stylish and violent as f*ck action/sci-fi film that kept on delivering the goods" (a very fitting description!). This is disheartening...
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