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Wolf Creek director Greg McLean heads to the Jungle for Arclight Films

Aussie director Greg McLean has had a busy year, seeing the North American release of WOLF CREEK 2 a few months ago and currently working on Blumhouse's 6 MIRANDA DRIVE, but that hasn't prevented him from looking ahead to his next project as Variety is reporting that McLean will be going from the horrors of the Outback deep into the terrors of the wilderness with JUNGLE,...
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Universal adapting post-apocalyptic novel Arclight

The post-apocalpyse is more popular than ever, especially with today's young adults. Kids just love watching civilization suffer in the aftermath of a startling population-decimating horror, I suppose. ARCLIGHT is one such book, and although it has not come out yet (it hits shelves in April), this peek at a cut-off population in fear of threatening creatures is already a hot item,...
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