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Haunting new stills from Annabelle, starring Annabelle Wallis

ANNABELLE is nearing her October 3rd release, which is next week, so to get you properly acquainted with the freaky-as-shit doll, New Line Cinema has released a fresh batch of creepy new stills from THE CONJURING spinoff, and we’ve got every one of them right here for you guys to take a peek at. Last week we saw the film's second TV Spot, watch it right HERE ....
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Annabelle is here - full trailer for The Conjuring spin-off has arrived!

Here's the first full trailer for the James Wan-produced CONJURING spin-off/prequel ANNABELLE , starring the creepiest doll this side of "The Twilight Zone." There is no official synopsis available, but you know the drill: Creepy doll enters lives of innocent family, makes existence hell for said family. ANNABELLE stars Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard, Ward Horton, Tony...
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Annabelle has missed you in this sneak peek teaser; full trailer coming soon

We recently learned that New Line and Warner Bros. had confirmed the October 3 2014 release of THE CONJURING spinoff ANNABELLE and today we have a message from ANNABELLE herself in the form of a brief (and by brief I mean 'blink and you'll miss it') sneak peek teaser, which you can check out below. Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard, Eric Ladin, Brian Howe, and Ward...
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The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle confirms October release date

A few months ago we got word that New Line and Warner Bros. had penciled in an October 3 2014 release date for an 'unknown' horror project, which we speculated to be ANNABELLE, a spin-off of THE CONJURING that we reported on last year. Now both entities have confirmed that ANNABELLE will indeed haunt theaters on October 3 of this year, just in time for that happy haunting season...
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Conjuring spinoff formerly known as Annabelle opens this October

We just spooked you with the news that THE CONJURING 2 has found itself an October 23, 2015 release date, and now we're anxious to let you know that THE CONJURING spinoff has an October release date as well. Just a year sooner. Formerly titled ANNABELLE, the flick will open on October 3rd of this year, putting it up against David Fincher's GONE GIRL, which is intense...
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Conjuring spinoff Annabelle begins filming, adds Alfre Woodard to cast

Earlier this week we brought you the news that "The Killing"'s Eric Ladin and "Justified" actor Brian Howe had joined the cast of New Line's upcoming THE CONJURING spinoff ANNABELLE, and now we have word of another talented name joining the now-filming production. Variety is reporting that 12 YEARS A SLAVE actress Alfre Woodard has joined the...
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Two more sign on to be haunted by Annabelle

We've known for a few months now that New Line would be giving THE CONJURING's creepy Annabelle doll her own film and now we've learned that Eric Ladin (“The Killing”) and Brian Howe (DEVIL'S KNOT, “Justified”) have signed on to be terrorized by the doll, set to star alongside the previously announced Annabelle Wallis (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and...
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