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Exclusive: Check out this NSFW clip from Camera Obscura

The new horror flick CAMERA OBSCURA just hit VOD and Digital HD yesterday. If you haven't had the chance to check out the film yet, you're in luck because today we have a new clip to share! You can check out the EXCLUSIVE clip below as well as the flick's trailer, poster, and even a link to buy/rent the film tonight. After working your way through all of that, make...
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Top 10 Genre Flicks to See in Summer 2017 (Part 2)!

So, two weeks ago we kicked off the unofficial Summer countdown with a list of Top 10 bigger budget studio genre flicks to see between May and August, and now it's time for the flip-side. Yup, we're now fixing to give you a new list of smaller, more independent genre-joints to mix in with the larger fare at the cinema this summer. A lot of movies that didn't make the last list are bound to be...
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Check out the trailer & poster for Chiller's Camera Obscura

Take a picture. Take a life. The last we heard on the upcoming horror flick CAMERA OBSCURA  was that Chiller Films was going to be releasing the new film in theaters on June 9th and VOD and Digital HD on June 13. Today, we have an all-new trailer and poster!  You can check out both below and I highly suggest that you do. For some reason, the film is hitting me like...
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Chiller films releases the horror-thriller Camera Obscura this June

Chiller Films has just announced the release date for the horror-thriller CAMERA OBSCURA . The film will be hitting theaters on June 9th and VOD and Digital HD on June 13. The film marks the theatrical directing debut of Aaron B. Koontz and follows a war photographer that starts seeing upcoming deaths in his photos. CAMERA OBSCURA synopsis: A veteran war photographer with PTSD...
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