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Dissecting Actress Charlize Theron!

ACTRESS CHARLIZE THERON! Charlize Theron. The myth. The living legend. The unparalleled goddess. Anyone who's been reading this site for the last 5 years or so should know of my unhealthy infatuation with this supremely talented and statuesque South African native. I love this woman. Sean Penn, screw you! On the real though, now that we're slapping Ms. Theron under...
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Kill of the Day: Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

I tossing a curve-ball your way for today's Kill of the Day. How so? Well because it comes from the unimpressive sequel CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: URBAN HARVEST. Sure the flick as a whole but not be worth remembering but check out his death scene! This poor woman goes to light up her cigarette and ends up with her face melted. Tobacco kills kids! Children of the Corn III: Urban...
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