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Cool Horror Gear: Dark Horse to re-release Aliens comics in hardcover book

How's this for good timing? Hot on the heels of the announcement Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT has been given an official release date and plot synopsis, we receive the news Dark Horse Comics will resurrect their seminal ALIENS comic books in an all new hardcover book, just in time for the 30th anniversary of the film's release. The series, with art from Mark A. Nelson and a script...
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Steve Niles' comic Breath of Bones to be adapted by Shrek director

The unusual Dark Horse comic BREATH OF BONES is ready for its cinematic closeup. The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Andrew Adamson (SHREK, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA) will direct the film adaptation of the book, Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem, which was written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Matt Santoro. "Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem" has this...
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Prometheus continues on at Dark Horse Comics

According to both Bleeding Cool and THR, Dark Horse Comics is gearing up for a PROMETHEUS -themed comic book series. Dark Horse Entertainment publisher and founder Mike Richardson tells The Hollywood Reporter that " we're brewing something up that I think the fans of Ridley Scott's amazing film will really like ," promising an official announcement soon. This could...
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R.I.P.D., starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, will now be converted into 3D

Universal Pictures has announced that their supernatural action-comedy R.I.P.D, starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, is being converted into 3D ahead of its July release. This isn't very exciting news, since anything 3D-related already seems quite passť, but I suppose it's another case of a studio hoping to milk a few extra dollars out of its movie thanks to higher ticket prices....
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9 director Shane Acker to helm Beasts of Burden

We haven't heard much from the upcoming animated BEASTS OF BURDEN adaptation in a while but it looks like there might be some interesting tidbits stirring for the film as word has come out that they have now found a suitable director for the project. Deadline reports that the Oscar-nominated Shane Acker is pinned to direct Reel FX's CG animated adaptation of BEASTS OF BURDEN from the...
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