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Dead Island 2 isn't dead yet

I have been a big DEAD ISLAND fan since I first saw that amazing reverse-action trailer (which you can re-peep below) that dropped years ago now. I'm not even one for playing video games, but I had to check out that game asap after I watched the trailer until my eyes bled. DEAD ISLAND was a success, but there still has yet to be a sequel to the game. News has been slow on the...
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Dead Island 2 delayed until 2016 because of goals not yet achieved

Gamers who were looking forward to Dead Island 2 - of course the sequel to the massively popular 2011 survival horror game Dead Island - will no doubt be disappointed to learn the game has been delayed until 2016. The game's developer, Deep Silver, confirmed the news today with the following statement via their Twitter page: We have always set ourselves a big goal for Dead Island 2:...
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Occupant & Deep Silver team to bring Dead Island movie to life

After a multitude of attempts from various companies, it seems Occupant Entertainment has punched its ticket to DEAD ISLAND! Deadline is reporting that, yes, a DEAD ISLAND videogame-to-movie-adaptation is once again on the brink, this time with Occupant taking charge of the project. The company will do so in cahoots with Deep Silver publishing - as the two parties have agreed to...
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Dead Island 2 announced for 2015, first trailer here!

Yesterday at E3, Sony officially announced DEAD ISLAND 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the Spring of 2015. In addition, a trailer has been released to get us pumped about the upcoming game, which you can find below. You'll recall the trailer for the first game , when released three years ago, made waves on the net for its clever, and surprisingly heartbreaking, storytelling....
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13 Horror Gift Ideas! Horror Video Games!

We gave you some TOY AND GAMES SUGGESTIONS HERE and DVD/BLU-RAY SETS SUGGESTIONS HERE in terms of your Christmas shopping, and now here's a list of HORROR VIDEOGAMES that should crank any gamers dial! Out of those I own ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES and GAME OF THRONES , the former is so worth your while (maybe a tad too short though), as for the latter, I haven't figured out...
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Cool Horror Videos: Dead Island live-action backwards trailer

Surely you recall the fantastic backwards trailer/promo for DEAD ISLAND that hit the 'net a few years ago . Surprisingly emotional, not to mention incredibly well done, the promo announced the arrival of the next big zombie video game. Fantastic marketing, because we were all talking about it for days... Now director BJ McDonnell ( HATCHET 3 ) has recreated the promo...
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Kill of the Day: Dead Island (2011)

Years ago Hollywood went through this horrible vampire phase. You guys remember that? I'm sorry if you do. Luckily for us, things change. Now zombies are the new hot thing! And you know what? I'm fine with that! Especially when the quality of the stuff we've been seeing is top notch. Take next-gen game DEAD ISLAND for example. That's a pretty solid zombie game. Hell this schmuck had fun...
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Dead Island Riptide releases a brand new gameplay mode video!

Zombies are a huge deal nowadays. They're on TV, on the news (do you remember the infamous Miami face eater?), on the movies and even on your game consoles. DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE is the sequel to DEAD ISLAND , a game that knows a thing or two about blood, flesh and gore. If you're a fan let me tell you that we're about to delight you with the first look at the gameplay of the sequel...
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