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Horror Movie Hotties: Stan Helsing (2009)

If you like bosomy, brown-eyed broads then you probably take kindly to Diora Baird. The gal may not have many classics in her filmography, but once you see her, you're not likely to forget. You also have to admire her sense of humor and self-awareness of her enormous endowments. In fact, when SNL's Keenan Thompson fondles her breasts at the end of this clip from the horror spoof...
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Original Vs. Remake: Night of the Demons

The vast majority agreed (obviously) with the first time, full sweep victory at center stage of our last Original Vs. Remake involving everyone's favorite prom queen, CARRIE. I had an inkling that you'd all side with the Brian De Palma original as opposed to the shoddily handled remake with ChloŽ Grace Moretz. And now with that argument dead and buried, we can move on. Today marks our...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Night of the Demons (2010)

Who doesn't love themselves some Diora Baird ? Anyone who's become familiar with that name probably enjoys her presence onscreen as much as we do. Unfortunately, it seems like the funny girl with the fabulous funbags has somehow disappeared from the face of the earth as of late, although that could be because we're not looking in the right places. While most are...
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Horror Movie Hotties: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

Hope you're all in the mood for a meaty treat, because today we'll be taking a gander at the lovely Diora Baird in the not-so-lovely THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING (2006). This remake/prequel/sequel wasn't exactly praised upon by fans of the original, but at least they had the decency to include a scene with Diora stripping down to her underwear. This moment itself was worth...
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Val Kilmer and William Sadler star in Riddle; trailer here!

Starring Val Kilmer and William Sadler, as well as hotties Elisabeth Harnois and Diora Baird, RIDDLE is a small-town mystery-thriller on the verge of debuting on VOD platforms everywhere. The trailer for the indie flick has just emerged from the shadows, and we've got it for you to investigate below. It doesn't look like anything incredibly special, but chubby Kilmer is always worth watching....
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Face-Off: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Vs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Happy New Year my fine Face-Off fiends! Everyone was in the holiday spirit with our last Face-Off and agreed that Stripe would indeed best Mohawk in a Gremlin grudge match. Now, at the very start of the new year, our genre has already been bestowed with a big-time release that will hopefully start things off with a crrrrrang! I was trying to write out what the sound of a chainsaw...
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