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Cheer for a trailer & release date for Jake Helgren's Varsity Blood

It's been quite some time since we heard anything from Jake Helgren's upcoming slasher VARSITY BLOOD, with our last report coming way back in February of last year when we shared some stills from the flick. Today we're bringing you something to cheer about as we've gotten our hands on the new trailer for the film as well as the info on when you can finally check this...
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New poster and teaser for Bigfoot Wars, starring C. Thomas Howell

Last week we brought you the first poster for director Brian Jaynes' upcoming BIGFOOT WARS, based on author Eric S. Brown's sasquatch-based series titled "Bigfoot War", and today we have a new poster and the first teaser to share with ya so you can prepare for battle. THE HITCHER star C. Thomas Howell and THE BREAKFAST CLUB's Judd Nelson star alongside THE...
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Prepare for battle with this poster for Bigfoot Wars, starring Judd Nelson

What's scarier than encountering Bigfoot? How about taking on an army of them? That's exactly what we can expect in May when Origin Releasing unleashes Brain T. Jayne's BIGFOOT WARS on us, and today we have the new poster for the C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson-starring flick to share with ya. Back in June of last year we learned that Origin Releasing had scooped up...
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C. Thomas Howell signs up to fight Bigfoot Wars

Last month we shared the news that Origin Releasing had picked up the motion picture rights to "Bigfoot War", the literary series by science fiction author Eric S. Brown inspired by the legend of a monstrous Bigfoot type primate living in and around Boggy Creek, with the action-packed creature feature to be titled BIGFOOT WARS. Today we have word on casting on the Brian...
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We have three official stills from Varsity Blood!

VARSITY BLOOD is now in post-production and the film looks pretty good so far. Today, director Jake Helgren , gave us the first three official images from the film. In the stills we can see someone making a bloody discovery in the school basketball hoop and the varsity team celebrating Halloween night in the South with a pasture party campfire. Do you want to see the photos? Take a...
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